Expectations of Oakland County Home Prices

The graph of home prices in Oakland County, Michigan was taken from the website of the Federal Reserve in St. Louis who handles much of the analysis of the entire Federal Reserve network. The expectation is prices in 2018 should continue to increase at a rate between 5% to 7%.

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East Coast Transplants Find Home In Downtown Royal Oak.

    New clients find solace in downtown Royal Oak condo.  Whether you love the convenience of a condo or the traditions of a single family home, I can find you the finishing touches that you are looking for in a home. I would love that opportunity!  –  Paul Banicki  248-259-4187

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Winter Is One of Best Times To Buy In Michigan

  Southeast Michigan Home Buying Opportunity!! Paul Banicki, Realtor 248-259-4187 | As demonstrated below, for a certain segment of the population the next six months may be the best time to buy a house. Over the coming year Michigan’s house prices are expected to rise between 4% and 5%. Applying this to a $150,000 house…

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Should You Have A Buyers Agent?

How do you go about looking for a new home to purchase? Many start paying attention to for sale signs while cruising the city and neighborhoods that they are interested in and often call the Realtor or agent that is listed on a for sale sign. Some buyers know someone in the real estate business…

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