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Why You Need A Buyer’s Agent

More often than not, people use a professional real estate broker/agent when they are looking to sell a home. Homeowners use an agent to sell their home because they recognize a Realtor© is an expert in their particular market. It is also wise to use their expertise when searching for a home to purchase. If you do not enter into a buyers agency agreement all Realtors that are showing you homes legally represent the seller and not you.

When deciding to look for a new home, you can do it yourself, call the real estate agent who is working for the seller; or you can hire a buyer’s agent who is working for you.
Buyer’s agents represent you and that is where their fiduciary responsibility lies. Your buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf. That is his/her responsibility. If you simply use the agent who has listed the house, their responsibility, by law, is to the seller.

Let me be your buyer’s agent and here are some properties worth considering. Call or text me at 248-259-4187 and let’s get started.

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