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Oak Park, Michigan – A Great City To Call Home!

If you are looking for a new place to call home, check out Oak Park, Michigan. As the slide presentation  below demonstrates, Oak Park’s population has remained stable at near 30,000 for decades. The reason is simple. The city is built out and when someone moves there are people in line to move into this stable city.

Oak Park, Michigan exemplifies a well run diverse city that is centrally located in the greater metropolitan area! The city’s population, ethnic diversity and location makes Oak Park one of my favorite cities to serve. It starts with it citizens; middle income, possessing a great public school system that prepares its citizens to continue with tradition and pride. The crime rate is historically below both Michigan and the United States, as shown on the slide presentation below. The city’s population has been steady, primarily because the city is well established with little vacant land to expand.Oak Park is emerging as one of Southeast Oakland County’s sleeper communities and it is is getting attention and therefore  investing in infrastructure is occurring to meet the wants and needs of its citizens. Up until recently, 2015, Oak Park did not allow restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages, but that has changed. Today, there are 2 breweries moving into the city and a new American restaurant dubbed Oak Park Social.

Dog & Pony Show Brewing.  Unexpected Brewing, will be moving onto the 11 Mile corridor in the near future.Structurally, the city recently made several capital improvements, increasing the attention and demand to live in Berkley, along with Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, and Ferndale.  Berkley also added electrical bikes connecting Oak Park to Ferndale, along 9 Mile Road, to keep things fun and accessible, Berkley, while converting 9 Mile from 4 car lanes to 2 with the other two lanes accommodating the resurgence of the “desire to ride”.Oak Park has its

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Ferndale – A Great Place To Call Home

The city of Ferndale is known for many things including being a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Woodward Avenue, the main roadway in Michigan,runs right through the heart of the city. The intersection of Woodward and Nine Mile Road is at the heart of its downtown. Woodward and expressways going in all directions make Ferndale convient to get to and from work anywhere in the Detroit area. A side note, across the street at the northern border there are a bunch of animals living at the Detroit Zoo.

The city’s population was 20,700 residents as of 2017 and is continuing to grow. The median home value in Ferndale is $131,100 with 64% of its residents owning a home. The median age of its residents is 35, which is 5 years younger than  the median age of the entire state of Michigan.

Ferndale is well known for its nightlife and fine dining. Some of the more popular spots to dine and relax include: Como’s, Imperial, Sneakers, One Eyed Betty’s and Detroit Ax. Let me find the home of your dreams and we will celebrate at one of these fine establishments.

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