December 2019

Moonbeams At Beaumont 2019

This is a pictorial of this years at MoonBeams at Beaumont in slide presentation for. I can’t think of a better way to get ino the mood for Christmas.

The images provided came from attendees mostly using their cameras on their cell phones. There were more than 20 people who provided images. Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas.

THere are 34 slides to view and all who contributed to this presentation thank you.

Beaumonts Moonbeams For Sweet Dreams

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Moonbeams For Sweet Dreams @ Beaumont

Here is an update of images of many of the activities and visitors at this years Moonbeams For Sweet Dreams at Beaumont. These images were captured by many attendees on December 21, 2019. To all that provided pictures, thank you and Merry Christmas.

Slide presentation below will start automatically. You can enlarge the presentation by using the tools provided at bottom of presentation.

Did I hear someone say they are not ready for the spirit of Christmas Yet? Buckle up! Santa, and the spirit of Christmas, is on its way. Here is a short video that will wet your appetite and eyes for the season.

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